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 Click here for more information on the unique training lineage of Bikram-Ghosh lineage instructors and here for more information on the specific health benefits and research associated with this system.

Bikram Yoga Capital Area (BYCA), located in East Lansing, is mid-Michigan's first and only authentic Bikram-Ghosh lineage yoga school teaching the Bikram method of therapeutic hatha yoga. BYCA is a 100% locally-owned and operated small business; we do not divert any funds or percentage of revenue to any franchising organization or individuals! The owner was trained and certified by Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury, Emmy Cleaves, and Craig Villani in 2004, and has taught over 4000 hours (and over 3000 students) since that time.


Bikram Yoga is The Original Hot Yoga, and all classes are therapeutic and accessible to beginners!  We also offer two WARM classes (NOT HOT) per week.  


Many places around the world have tried to replicate or approximate Bikram Yoga, but the same deep, therapeutic, life-changing benefits simply cannot be achieved without the exact sequence of postures, the professionally certified teachers and teaching method, and the ideal environmental conditions (heat, humidity, fresh air circulation).  


Our core values are Safety, Accessibility, Inclusiveness/Non-Discrimination, and Professionalism.

Please visit the Schedule page for our regular class schedule, and scroll to the bottom of the Schedule page for our HOLIDAY CLASS SCHEDULE.  We have classes every day!!!

Bikram Yoga Capital Area is mid-Michigan's ONLY Bikram Yoga school.  We are a welcoming, dedicated, diverse, local community that is part of the international community of Bikram Yoga practitioners.  We have regular students of all ages (7-72), shapes, sizes, colors, genders, professions, nationalities...all practicing side-by-side, alongside the school owner and other teachers, in every class.  Watch our slideshow below to get just a glimpse of the amazing group of humans who practice here at Bikram Yoga Capital Area, and scroll down to learn more! 

BYCA's mission is to bring the highest-quality hatha yoga experience - in a beautiful, clean, welcoming, state-of-the-art facility - to everyone in the Greater Lansing area who is interested and dedicated. Our facilities include showers in both locker rooms; custom wood carpentry; and an insulated practice room equipped with excellent fresh-air circulation, a powerful steam humidifier, and a high-efficiency furnace capable of heating the room to the ideal practice temperature and humidity!  Our facilities are extremely environmentally-friendly and efficient; we also feature on-demand water heaters and all-natural cleaning products.


All of our teachers are highly experienced in the Bikram Yoga series and have been trained personally by Bikram Choudhury and his senior staff of teacher trainers at the 9-week, full-time, international teacher training program (a 500+ hour program). Please click here for more information on the high quality training of our staff.


All classes are designed for beginners of all ages, with no prior yoga or fitness background required.  Please join us. 

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